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Rig It Right


Art of Game Design
The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses.


D'Artiste Character Modeling 3


Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook
Publication date: December 2011


301 ways to go green
301 Ways to Go Green
Quick hitting Green Tips are organized into 14 chapters.

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Why We Talk

Seven Reasons Your Customers Will or Will Not Talk About Your Brand.

Perhaps the most important skill in business is not strategic planning, or marketing savvy, or risk management, or investment analysis. Rather it is simply the ability to LISTEN. Why We Talk compellingly and elegantly illuminates why listening to your customers with your eyes, your heart and your instincts is more important than listening exclusively with your ears. Reading this book will forever change your approach to business AND to your most valued personal relationships. Your customers are talking - are you LISTENING?

Learn the seven reasons your customers will or will not talk about your brand. In Why We Talk, gifted marketing strategist and professional listener Bolivar J. Bueno dissects the evolution of word-of-mouth in the digital age and the unmistakable power shift that has taken place between marketer and consumer. Sharing one of the most insightful, organic concepts of this decade, Bueno bridges the monumental gap between the results business people want and the frustration they often get.



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